The sins of others

In preparation for a message in Joshua 6 I can’t help but think what it would have been like for Joshua to stand there in the face of the gift he was given 40 years earlier. His loss of the promise land wasn’t his fault at all! Him and Caleb were faithful! It was the sins of others that took that amazing gift of God from their hands! How abundantly painful that must have been. He probably felt punished for no real reason. Deeply hurt when he did it right.
Have you ever been there? Hurt by someone when you didn’t deserve it at all? Joshua knew that hurt really well.
Take a moment and read Joshua 6. Think about how Joshua must have felt to finally receive what God promised all those years ago and was stolen from him by sinful people. Just maybe a right response when we feel wronged is to trust God. As you read about Joshua’s victory remember God’s promises for you! Stay faithful. God will be. Your story isn’t done.

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