Does God satisfy?

We have been in a series looking at the foundational aspects of Christianity at our church. We are currently on the topic of God. Specifically what does the Bible actually say about Him. Way too often our view of God is so shaped by stories we have heard as a child, Disney moves we may have seen, or even what that latest “theologian” says on an episode of Oprah. I have discovered that this “melting pot” of deity creates all kinds of misconceptions and ultimately pain. Knowing who God really is and how he can truly satisfy can be so freeing! Hebrews 13:8 (ESV) says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”. This short verse is so important for one reason. God is eternally faithful! Everything else on earth is bound to the second law of thermodynamics. It’s decaying and dying. Everything in this universe is unstable and can let you down. If you find your value in your looks, you’ll get old! If you find your value in investments, the market is always faithful! (sense the sarcasm?) Home, cars, success, you name it! There is only one that transcends all that is finite. God is always the same. How awesome and fulfilling it is to put your value and worth in something that NEVER changes. When you immerse your self value in your relationship with God you find a life foundation that nothing can take away, not even suffering worldly loss! In fact Christians, the world needs to see that we believe God is what truly satisfies us!

One thought on “Does God satisfy?

  1. This is a sobering set of truths, yet in this clip, not balanced by “the peace that passes understanding” and the “all things working together for good” for those that are in the center of His will.

    2 Cor 8:2 speaks of severe trials and extreme poverty for the Christians in Macedonia, but right in the midst of all that was overflowing joy!

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