The power in prayer…

A desperate single mother watches her sick son breath slower and slower, and finally with his last gasp, he passes into eternity.  This lonely mother already knows loss.  The Bible doesn’t say how she lost her husband, but we know she is a widow.  How much pain can one person take?  How much loss can one person go through?  First her husband, and now God takes her son?!  How is that fair? In her desperation she calls on a prophet of God for help.  In a dramatic scene, he lays this young man down, and asks God to breathe life back into this dead body.

God hears his prayer…and answers.

Imagine being able to call fire from heaven to prove God exists.  You know how much easer it would be in counseling sessions with people struggling with their faith, if I could just pray and God would send a fireball down from heaven to consume the tree in the back yard?

Imagine having God command the birds of the air to bring you food.

Over and over again, including these three examples, we see Elijah experience God in amazing ways! He doesn’t just know about God, he has experienced some of the most dramatic interactions with the Divine in all of Scripture.  What amazes me most is a little verse wrapped in the midst of these phenomenal stories.

1 Kings 17:2

2 Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah

It all begins with God speaking!  I don’t think we realize the power of prayer!  It truly changes everything.  What if we truly believed this?  At our church we have a Wednesday evening prayer meeting.  I don’t think this is just a good idea–I believe it is THE IDEA.

I challenge you to pray.  Pray believing it is THE ANSWER.  Everything changes when God speaks!

4 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. That is Awesome Mike! I know the power of Prayer 1st hand, and thats why I Believe God does his most Amazing work when we Pray! God saved my oldest son’s life when he was 7… I Know it was only because people accross the entire country were Praying for him. Sometimes God Speaks with a Mighty sound and sometimes God speaks softly…. But EVERYTIME God speaks, its with POWER and AUTHORITY!

  2. I have been changing my way of praying… It’s weird when we change our ways into God’s ways. I’ve been trying to meditate in his word, like the Bible says, but instead of doing it in silence, I’ve doing out loud. Confessing with my mouth what He has promised for me. When I confess, not only my mind change, but my way to pray. I’ve believing more, if I can say that, and the word is more vivid to me and have a new meaning. My pray is more about confessing what I know He will do in my life and pushing away my fears and has changed my way to pray…

  3. Great word Mike. Thanks for being faithful! Prayer is the answer. It’s just sometimes we get so busy…not that, this is a valid excuse, but I think we think that well, God knows my heart. I don’t need t pray. I know that if this was the case in our human relationships we’d be in trouble. Those relationships would not be. They take some effort. Why then would we not spend time engaging our Father?

    Thanks for the challenge. I’m going to be right there with you….praying looking for the answers through prayer!

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