We need a Hero

I remember…

Walking into an empty classroom with the words on the white board “Come to the Eagles Nest”.  The Eagles Nest was the student center at the university where I was studying philosophy and religion.  As I walked into that room there was a melting pot of emotions.  Angry, sad, confused, some even looked as if they were in a trance staring at the huge television in that packed room.  Than, all of a sudden, we watched in surreal silence as the second plane slammed into the second building.  So many lives lost, exponentially more hurt deeply by this act of hate.  With the World Trade Center down and America at war, the weeks to follow spurred so many different responses.  Some ran into the chaos at Ground Zero.  Some signed up with the military to protect our people from having this happen again.  Some still, to my amazement, became missionaries in those Muslim countries in an attempt to change their theological and philosophical beliefs.  Though the implementation of their passion looked very different, they are all heroes.  Everyone of them put their lives on the line, everyone risked the safety and securities of their families to save others and protect us.  Then there were others, often in the higher education echelon who analytically picked apart every person who acted.  We do need to think things through and have a good battle plan, but it is really easy to enter into analysis paralysis and actually do nothing.  I think a hero is someone who sees trials and takes action.  There is a rare breed who sees the fire and runs in.  They know its dangers, they know the risk is high, but they also know their duty.  They DO something.

James 1:12 (ESV)

12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

In looking at this verse from many perspectives, original Greek, contextual, and sociological, I fully believe God rewards those who, with tenacity, take on hard situations because they know in their hearts it’s right.  We need to not just honor our heroes, we need to become heroes.  Live the life God has called us to.  Even at times abandon security for our God-given mission and call.  I promise, because God says so, that the risk is high, but so is the reward.  We need a hero.  In honor of those who have gone before, we need to carry the baton and become one.

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