Dying dreams

Isn’t it amazing how the astronaut, Navy Seal, famous author, or professional athlete in us dies at a young age? I remember laying in my bed late at night as a young child,  closing my eyes and as I was in this semiconscious state, imagining I was flying in a rocket ship into deep space. I remember imagining what it would be like to be Superman, to fly, to have super strength, to be the hero everyone needed.

It doesn’t take long and all those dreams begin to fade.  The deadly mundane slips in and we find ourselves culturally-adapted zombies just going through life.  I guess the question that we all ask at some point is this…am I who I wanted to be?

Let’s take it a little further…

How would your kids define you?  How would your wife define you?  What about your co-workers? Or how would you define yourself?

In the first phrase of Titus we find Paul’s self-definition:

“Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ.” Titus 1:1a ESV

What if you could find what every culturally-tamed adult wishes he could have back from his childhood, what philosophers have debated over for thousands of years, and what God promises to those who seek Him–deep purpose and meaning in life.

Paul finds it in a very strange place…servitude.  Yep, you read that right.  The only slavery that truly frees is surrender to Christ.  Unlike giving your life over to your job, the one who formed you, Jesus, truly knows how to fulfill you!  We just started a new study through the book of Titus at our church.  This week we are going to deeply dissect these first few words.  You will be amazed at the fulfillment that comes through the passionate pursuit of Christ!

Slavery brings freedom…who would have thought?

If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to watch week 1 of our Titus series.  www.trinitywesleyan.com (click on the media link on the left)  It sets the stage for Paul’s deep, fulfilling convictions.

If you can make it Sunday morning, join us!  If you can’t, God-willing, we will have the message up Monday night.

*Just want to thank sermonspice for the creative video!

2 thoughts on “Dying dreams

  1. Looking forward to diving into verse one this week!
    I wanted to be an FBI agent.
    If only the sight of blood didn’t make me nauseous.

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