Am I worthless?

Am I worthless?

I remember the day my eldest son was born. It all started with an exhausted mother, uncomfortable to say the least. Every fiber in her being was so ready for this child to come. I was torn between two strong emotions, excitement and a deep feeling of inadequacy. Was I ready? Many hours into the labor process, the doctor discovered the baby was breech. In a last minute decision, the doctor informed us that we would need to have an emergency C-section. In what felt like a whirlwind, they moved my wife to another room, put me behind a clean curtain, and I watched my son come into the world. When they finally handed him to me I noticed a scrape on his cheek. The doctor had accidentally nicked him with the scalpel during the delivery. I remember feeling frustrated, protective. At that moment, everything I had ever bought or earned lost it’s value compared to my first-born son. There in my arms was something that literally redefined the whole concept of value for me.

With this in mind, let me change gears for a second.

I was on eBay the other day. I was amazed at what people were willing to pay for things. There was a really old doll for nearly $3,000.00! In reality its worth was defined not by what it was made of, but what people were willing to pay for it!

The holiday season always seems to force self-evaluation. People have a tendency to look in the mirror and see all their inadequacies. They can feel worthless, defined by their failures. It’s way too easy to feel rejected, put aside, or broken. Maybe it’s a divorce, a sickness, a family feud, or even the way you look that can make you feel worthless. Here is an interesting thought: even if you don’t believe in the Bible or Christianity, God assigns your worth by what he was willing to pay for you, His Son. Maybe your life’s composition, like the doll on eBay, is poor, but God gave something of the highest value for you. This truth became so real to me when I had a child of my own! I would sooner give my own life than the life of my son.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given.” (Isaiah 9:6 ESV)
A child is given. He gave what was most valuable to him… for you. Your worth is determined by your purchase price. This holiday season I challenge you to reexamine ancient truths, and just maybe you will find brand new meaning.

3 thoughts on “Am I worthless?

  1. I have especially noticed in recent days, that some people de-value themselves even after they have accepted God’s gift of salvation and claim to believe John 3:16. They live with the guilt of their past. They hang onto the pain as if the pain gives them comfort.
    The challenge I feel is how to help them realize God’s grace and everlasting mercy, that not only frees them from their past, but empowers them because Christ now dwells within them.

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