The deadly duo! Two things that kill a church.

The deadly duo!

Here are two things that destroy a church, and guess what?  You’re probably guilty.  

In the church there are two different non-Biblical perspectives that have emerged.  Both camps have devastated the church and left a wake of destruction as they tried to force feed their false views to people.  Here is the scary thought: if you are a Christian, it is likely you have been guilty of this at some point.

First: Those who desire extra Biblical ideas.

These people elevate things that are not taught in Scripture.  They can create all kinds of turmoil by trying to push their EXTRA Biblical ideas.  They are masters of proof texting the Bible. These people want to be in control.  Imagine a doctor who is more interested in you depending on him than getting you healthy.

Second: Those who desire to dilute Biblical mandates.

These people are often led by their hearts.  They want so bad to make God relevant, they DIMINISH Biblical teachings hoping it becomes more palatable.  They are also masters of proof texting the Bible.  These people are controlled by their desire to be liked. Imagine a doctor who always tells you you’re healthy, even when you’re not.

John MacArthur goes on to say that the effects of distorted theology “unsettles the soul (Acts 15:24), shipwrecks faith (1 Timothy 1:19), leads to blasphemy (V.20) and to the ruin of the hearers (2 Timothy 2:14), produces ungodliness (V. 16), and spreads like gangrene (V.17).”

If you are truly searching, make sure to look for a church that is committed to teaching solid Bible Truth. If a church is constantly condemning or never convicting, it is not teaching the full counsel of Scripture.  Let me take a moment and talk to two groups of people, those who don’t believe in Christ and those who do.

For those who doubt Christianity:

The reality is there are many out there who have been so hurt by “extra Biblical” or “diluted Biblical” teaching, they have given up on Christianity all together.  Those who add to the Bible and those who ignore parts of it are both wrong.  Jesus came to “seek and to save the lost,” Luke 19:10.  Real Christianity isn’t about power or being liked, it’s about a freeing truth.  Yes, there are hard teachings, but the full accurate counsel of Scripture is liberating! I am so sorry if those who fall into one of these two camps have hurt you.

For those who claim to be a follower of Christ:

All I want to do is ask a few questions:

1)   Do you find yourself obsessed with issues that aren’t at the heart of Scripture, or even Scriptural at all?

2)   Do you find yourself fighting for ideas that really don’t line up with the full counsel of Scripture?

3)   Are you prepared to take your traditions and lay them at the feet of Truth? 

I believe like Luther, at the cusp of the Protestant movement, we need people who will seek out the ancient text and journey through its deep meanings to discover Truth.  I believe the Reformation ushered in a movement of passionate pursuit of this Truth.  We need people like that again.   We need real answers to life’s big questions and we need liberation from the bondage of extra Biblical ideas.

Truth first.

Here is clip from a message I did on this topic. It’s short. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “The deadly duo! Two things that kill a church.

  1. Mike:
    This is so true. Thank you for opening my eyes in our Singles Dept.
    ….take care and keep preaching the TRUTH……


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