Join us Easter morning!

Looking for a church this Easter?

This Easter at Trinity we will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and the next week we will begin a brand new series called “Satisfied.”  It’s amazing how we can so fervently pursue things that end up leaving us more miserable than before, from that job you couldn’t wait to get, to the marriage you just wanted out of…the realization of our pursuits don’t bring the peace and fulfillment we hoped for.  We will be giving away a FREE BOOK this Easter to each household.  The book is called Counterfeit Gods written by NewYork Times best selling author Timothy Keller.  It will completely change the way you see all of life’s pursuits. We will have a three week series following Easter where we will uncover one of the greatest truths in all of Scripture.

Come and join us for Easter and our short series “Satisfied” as we traverse ancient literature for truths that still bring us freedom today!

Your kids are going to love our family ministry, we will have free photos with live animals, including a baby lamb!  We will also have great music, a powerful skit from our drama team, and then dive deep into the Word of God!

So bring a friend and join us Easter Morning!

Check out the video below for a quick message from the author about his book.
Click here for further reading about finding life’s purpose.
Click here to visit our church’s website.

Hope to see you Easter morning!
April 8
9:00am and 10:30am

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