The other day we were sitting together as a family and my younger two kids were talking about how great dad was.  My oldest said something like this, “Dad isn’t great, I heard him say a bad word.”  Well, there it is.  That moment when I realized I wasn’t “the best” anymore to my son.  Honestly I don’t remember what I said or when I said it.  Don’t worry it probably wasn’t that bad of a word! I thought about defending myself.  Asking what it was specifically so I could tell him that it isn’t a great word but it really isn’t a “bad” word.

Instead of trying to prove my perfection, I sat him down and admitted my faults.  

I told him that I wasn’t perfect and I do make mistakes.  I asked for his forgiveness and told him I also want to show him how to respond when we do make mistakes.  You know, just maybe even in my mistakes I can demonstrate right actions.

Since the Bible is clear and no one is perfect, I guess a great dad should not just strive to do right, but strive to demonstrate how to self-correct when he does mess it up.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”
(Romans 3:23-24 ESV)

Somewhere between the collapse of perfection and humble correction, we demonstrate what it means to be a Godly father.

So as my children, one by one, realize my faults and my weaknesses, they will realize I am not the strongest dad, nor the smartest, honestly I am not even sure I am a good dad sometimes!  So as they grow and their perception of my life puts me smack dab in the middle of mediocre, I pray they will see what a great dad should do–be willing to be corrected. So what will you do dad?

I challenge you not to perfection, but to make mid-stream corrections and teach them how to do the same.

Say sorry, admit when you’re wrong, ask for forgiveness, man up and show your kids how they truly should walk through life.  That’s a good dad!

If you are in the Indianapolis area I want to invite you to join us at Trinity! It’s going to be a powerful morning where I want to talk straight to the dads.  Dad to dad we will step up and be the men God has called us to be!  So make sure the dad that is important in your life shows up THIS SUNDAY morning! for directions and service times.

I also wanted to share how my father mentored me.  Honestly it was so much more than just his words.  Who he is as a person is what made the greatest impact in my life.  I actually share this story in a lesson I did.  Check it out!  And to my dad, I love you!  Thanks you for being a man after God in wisdom and spirit. 

More than information-Titus 1-15-23 from Trinity Wesleyan Church on Vimeo.

(This is a great Skit Guys promo you can find on youtube.)

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