What Say You?

What Say You?

Over the last decade of ministry, I have had numerous people walk into my office wanting to talk about discrepancies in the exploration of their spiritual journey.  The conversations often take the same road.  They begin by quoting authors they have stumbled across.  It’s amazing how many books have been written about the proof of or against God.  I actually kind of like those conversations.  I find it quite exhilarating to explore authors and their ideas.

While jogging the other day, something dawned on me I had never thought about.  Honestly I don’t know why, as it is so apparent.  I was listening to a debate from Cambridge University on the existence of God.  Back and forth the conversation went like they always do, new authors rewording old ideas.  It’s like a tree of thought.  Someone comes up with an argument for or against a designer.  Like the teleological proof (the extreme order and laws that are required for life) one author is absolutely certain God isn’t necessary, and another absolutely certain a designer is, so they slap lipstick and rouge on an old idea, toss it out there and sell a bunch of books.   One by one, after the overarching ideas in the debate had been laid out, people came to the microphone at the university and started quoting authors and the endless chain of rebuttals for and against God began again.

All right, I am going to be really transparent for a moment.  I feel like all of us, those who believe in a creator and those who don’t, are masters of professor bombing.  We hide behind authors and quote endless streams of conversations that are taking place in the highest echelons of our education system.  Sometimes I want to just say, “Ok, I get it!  There are a bunch of really smart people who are on both sides of the fence.”   Now, in new conversations I allow a little professor bombing just for posterity and to prove we have all read a lot of books, but people need to at some point wrestle with what they personally think.  To quote Aragorn form Lord of the Rings, “What say you?” 

I challenge you to take a few moments, sit down and ask yourself, “Do I believe?”  Or maybe even ask yourself, “Do I want to believe?”  If you want to find more books and authors for or against God, I promise there is an endless list you can read through and a constant flow to keep you searching.  Don’t hear me wrong–it isn’t bad to keep exploring.  I know I am still reading!  But the real question is this:  what say you?

Luke 9:20

Then he said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” And Peter answered, “The Christ of God.” (Dan Levite thanks for this scripture!)

6 thoughts on “What Say You?

  1. Luke 9:20….Jesus asks, what about you? Who do you say that I am? We.must always remember to ask those we talk to.

  2. It’s been said that if you give scientists long enough, they’ll eventually prove the bible correct. Ex. For centuries it was argued that the bible was flawed because it recorded a people group, the Hittites, of which man’s history had no record and archeology didn’t support. Then, one day an artifact was stumbled upon which had the word ‘Hittite’ on it and the digging began. It was soon proved that their empire was vast and they ruled for several hundred years.

    When we rely on men for teaching spiritual matters, we get men’s logic, men’s wisdom, men’s filter. Thanks, but I’ll pass. My queries land at the feet of the one who died for me, the creator of it all. I’ll take His word over the drifting, ever-changing, ever-evolving reason of men.

  3. It always seems that in higher education, people express “their vast knowledge” by quoting someone else…according to…. One of the purposes of doctoral theses are to read and research the topic and quote all “the greats” and then establish one’s own synthesis. Thus, making it “their own”. And on another level, Christians will read a particular Christian author, pastor, or “Christian celebrity”, and claim what they read as their own personal belief. I have seen this go one for all my adult life. Ask a church member what they truly believe about God and a high percentage quotes the pastor. I had a Systematic Theology teach me one great thing, and I live by it. Know WHAT YOU believe, Know WHY you believe it, and never be ashamed of it.

  4. Ken your right. You know we are all, including myself, so guilty of standing behind others. It’s hard to step up and say. “This is what I believe.”

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