Satisfaction in a manger

Satisfaction in a manger

Man’s deepest fulfillment came in a manger.

The other evening I was starting to feel a little woozy.  You know, that queasy feeling you get in your gut?  I began to question my decision to partake in such a large amount of eggnog and frosted sugar cookies.  I just love this time of year, the decorations, delicious food, parties…and the passing around of viruses.  I got off the couch to head upstairs, but then a scripture verse we have hanging on the wall above the television caught my eye and got me thinking.

It was Hebrews 11:1 (KJV),

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

For the first time that verse hit me in a new way.  Faith is substance–it is evidence.  Like a clue at a crime scene, an archeologist making a discovery in a desert, or a pathologist finally finding the cause of someone’s illness.  There is a clue, a substance, something that is detectable.  Faith is that clue, that substance.  Every people group throughout history has had an eternal awareness.  Humanity has a hunger for something more than what we can experience with our five senses.  Where did this hunger come from if there is no way to satisfy it?  It is not just a few individuals–every people group, every tribe, every nation has had this hunger. (read more on this here)

Faith is the evidence.

When men have no purpose other than the satisfaction of something temporal, their ethics erode as fast as the temporary pleasures they pursue.  In fact, history has taught us that when men have a misunderstanding of this deep thirst they are capable of immeasurable evil.  Some of the darkest days in human history were an abuse of man’s eternal longings either by ignoring or exploiting them.  On both fronts it breaks my heart.

This is why Jesus has so deeply touched humanity.  In that manger over 2,000 years ago lay an answer to that longing.  This wasn’t a prophet like other religions offer.  A prophet just promises to understand this “thirst”.  No, this was the actual satisfaction, the tangible answer to this inner thirst.  Jesus wouldn’t have been such a big deal if the void in the human heart didn’t exist.

But it does.

The evidence shows that it does exist.  All through history, the human story speaks to us.  The hunger is there!  Can you feel it?  The sheer ability to ask the metaphysical questions is the evidence.  Like a drink of water to a marathon runner, a correct hope in Christ quenches the deep thirst within the human soul.  Let me state that I am so sorry for those who have been hurt by people who misuse the story of Christ for power or personal gain.  It is abusive and wrong.  What the world so desperately needs is the deep desire for meaning fulfilled!  All of creation groans for an answer, and it came in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes.  (read more on this here)

Faith is the evidence.

As my mind wandered it didn’t take long and the woozy feeling in my stomach kicked in again and broke my train of thought.  So I turned off the TV and went upstairs.  Needless to say the night wasn’t super comfortable, but I survived.  It was no time at all before I happily resumed all the holiday overeating and general merry-making.  ‘Tis the season…merry Christmas!



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