Why I love my church!

Why I love my church

I just wrote an article about how churches filled with great people can accidentally die because they don’t look up and out.  (https://mcolaw.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/a-reason-why-great-churches-die/) This started me thinking about how much I love my church!  I want to take a few moments and celebrate what I think is an amazing ministry with amazing people and why I am so proud of this ministry!


I love our church because it honors the past.

As a young pastor who has been deeply impacted by his parents and grandparents, I love that the older generation is represented in our church!  They bring astute wisdom and stability.  Without them we would be lost.  Like Titus and Paul, I love that we have a broad age range.  We also so support our older generations that we run two services in nursing homes in our area where we can love on those who loved us!


I love our church because it prepares for the future. 

Unlike many churches, my church is preparing for the future.  We celebrate the younger generations!  Not just with an exceptional youth ministry and children’s program, but we even design one of our primary services to reach out to the next generation.  The future looks good because we are preparing for it today.


I love our church because it does ministry outside of its four walls.

We have a service that we run in the city of Indianapolis.  We love reaching out to those who are different ethnically and economically.  We love worshiping with our brothers in the suburbs and the city.  As stated earlier, in addition to the services on campus and the one in the city, we also run services in retirement facilities.  I am so proud of our church because we live to love the community!


I love our church because missions is central.

We give…we actually give big time for a church of our size to missions and missionaries.  We want to be a part of what God is doing on our campus, in our city, and all around the world!


I love our church because the Bible is central. 

We believe that the greatest thing a world in confusion needs is objective hope.  We believe the Bible contains the greatest hope for humanity and we want to unashamedly communicate that!


I love our church because they love me.

I love that our church is highly relational.  I know I am not just a number; I am a person.  My family isn’t just a stat turned in to brag about, they are people who are a part of a bigger family.  When I have a prayer request, I know it will be prayed for.  When I need encouragement, I know where to find it!


There are many other reasons why I love my church, but these are fresh in my spirit tonight.  If you don’t have a church like this you need one!  Find a dynamic ministry that elevates God’s Word and its teachings, loves all ages, reaches out to the community, supports missions, and loves your family!





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