Caught up in the Spirit?

What Spirit are you caught up in

Caught up in the Spirit?

I believe we are all guided by spirits and don’t even know it.  In our modern world when we think of “spirit,” what usually comes to mind is something like a ghost, but Biblically speaking the word “spirit” implies something much broader than that alone.

Last weekend my middle child had a soccer game.  A few minutes into the game he scored a goal, the first of the year for him.  I went nuts!  I jumped up, rushed to the side of the field and gave him a high five.  It was such a rush!  There is a spirit to a team or a game.  In fact, we call it team spirit!  It catches us up in the moment.  We do things out of the ordinary for our character and give it our time, attention, and money.  Some paint their faces, wear funny clothes, sing songs, and yell chants together, all in the spirit of the game.

It’s way broader than sports though.  I got on a tech website the other day looking for a new smart phone.  I was amazed at how people were vehemently fighting over different brands of phones!  They had links to websites where you could get t-shirts, go to conferences, and even had people with tattoos of the tech companies logo!  All in the spirit of this product.  Or what about politics?  Maybe I shouldn’t go there…

Now to get nerdy for a moment, the Baker Encyclopedia of Biblical concepts says it like this: “Its Latin derivation (as with the Heb. and Gk words in the Bible) denotes blowing or breathing (Jb 41:16 air; Is 25:4, etc.) In Judges 8:3 the heavy breathing sense of ‘spirit’ describes anger and resentment. So the noun spiritus signifies breath, vigor, courage, and (more metaphysically) life or soul. Spirit most essentially defines the life principle, especially in man.”

All people are caught up in the spirit of something, and these things will absolutely define you and guide your actions.  It is sad, but there are many who call themselves Christian that aren’t at all caught up in the spirit of Christ.  Their priorities, heart, actions, and attitude don’t at all look like Christ.  In fact many of them unintentionally devastate the intention of Scripture.  Take a moment and read Ephesians 5:1-20 in the Bible.  If you are a believer, please live to usher into this world the nature of Christ!  If you are not a believer, please examine the life of Christ instead of those that may be possessed by a wrong spirit.  There are a lot out there!

So in the words of all those cheerleaders we have all heard a thousand times, “I got spirit, yes I do, I got spirit, how ‘bout you!”

3 thoughts on “Caught up in the Spirit?

  1. Words that may encourage. One of the best things I have learned in life as a Christian is to obey God quickly. When God asks you to do something. Do it. When God told David to go face Goliath, the bible says David ran to the battlefield. If David would have thought about it long enough he would have talked himself out of it, because if he had gone over the facts,figures and how big Goliath was David would have lost his courage. Some Christians over-analyze things and try to reason things out and they miss out on being known as a real Christ follower. Today we must learn to be quick to obey and open the door for His blessings for us so we can cause others to want what we have. Christ. judith.

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