An open letter to my church family


An open letter to my church family:

About two years ago we were fervently praying through our decision to move to Indianapolis.  It wasn’t easy!  Crossroads is an amazing church with incredible people.   No doubt the Lord was placing the call in our hearts though.  These last two years have gone by really fast!  It honestly feels like we just pulled into Indianapolis.  (On a side note I made sure to drive by Lucas Oil Stadium on our drive up here!  Love the Colts.  It feels so good to call their home my home!)  I had never been a senior pastor before and truly didn’t know what I was in for.  I want to take a few moments of your time to share five reasons why I love this church family!

  1. You all are patient with me!  I am a young and passionate pastor and you have let this young guy try some crazy stuff.   The support of our staff’s ideas has been amazing, even the patience when an idea doesn’t work and we have to regroup.  Thank you!  Over and over again, thank you!  I want to do my best to create a house of God where He is glorified and His people are loved and empowered to be His light in the community around us!
  2. The old folks here are amazing!  Do we like the same style of clothes?  No.  Do we like the same style of music?  Actually, yes.  I like the old theologically rich hymns, I can’t help it.  There is already an old man in me!  The best part of the older folks here is they are becoming family.  In the last couple of years I have lost all but one of my grandparents.  That was tough.  I was close to them, especially my Grandpa Volesky.  It is so wonderful to have older folks who love me like a grandson.  I can’t tell you how much those encouraging words and hugs mean every Sunday morning!  I love that they care about my kids too!  Leslie and I really do feel like we are a part of a family.
  3. This church is welcoming to new families.  No doubt this church has grown like crazy over the last couple of years.  I love that the long-term believers see the new families as a blessing from God, not as intruders on their premises.  They get the call of God!  That is so rare and it is such a blessing.  I love that!
  4. The people here highly value the Bible.  To be at a church that values the pursuit of Biblical truth is so awesome!  Too many churches are more obsessed with temporal aesthetics, the color of carpet or pews in the sanctuary than the eternal truth of God’s word.  That’s why this church could thrive for generations to come!  Because we love the eternal Word over a temporary preference.  That is awesome and so rare!  I love that about our church.
  5. The hope for tomorrow—though this church has had a rich history, they are willing to put their hope in tomorrow rather than just live in the past!  How cool is that?!  As a new person it is so great to walk through the doors and not be made to feel like I missed the good days of the church, but feel like there are also great days to come!  I love the church’s excitement about what is happening now and what is coming down the road.  This church feels alive!

I love what God has done, what he is doing, and am excited about what he is going to do!  It is such an honor to be in this family!  I pray God would help us in three ways as we move forward.

  1. God’s Word and ways would be our primary pursuit.
  2. We would be tangibly involved in our community and beyond.
  3. God would continue to bless us with a spirit of unity and a bond of peace!

So Trinity, I love being your pastor!  Thanks for having me.  Here’s to adding a zero after that 2. 

27 thoughts on “An open letter to my church family

  1. I love your blog!! Your love for your people and their love for you comes through loud and clear!
    And, as your mom, I’m extremely proud of you…
    Praising Jesus, Mom

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  2. #1 Pastor Mike, we are grateful to God and appreciate YOU. Thank you for this letter!
    #2 (The printed word unfortunately doesn’t show my body language and facial expressions here, and I DO recognize the irony of posting the following after you have complimented our lack of complaining!): I wish you wouldn’t use the word “old”—Ha! I call that the “O” word. There are no old folks at Trinity–certainly not you, and not me either! 🙂

  3. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the awesome note about our church. Though we are new and have not gotten too involved yet, we have been blessed to be becoming a part. We so love how you share the Word of God and its truth!! Thank you!

    We agree, we would love you to add a 0 behind that 2. That way you can be our pastor when we are old and gray.

    Matt & Sherrill Miller

    Sherrill Miller, CAVS
    Volunteer Services Manager
    Community Home Health
    Fishers, IN 46037
    317-621-4800 or 800-404-4852

  4. Whew, Mike! Just being a newcomer here and feeling like I have found a great church with a really dynamic, deep, Biblical pastor, I was worried that your letter was going to say you were leaving or something!! I can’t take any credit for what this church has been doing, but I am excited to be here! Trish Botta

  5. Mike, I am so encouraged to hear of your impact in the Lord in the great arctic tundra of Indy. There are countless numbers of folks down here in God’s country that miss you and Leslie and no doubt we all were blessed to have had you amongst us. I pray the Lord continue to bless you, your family, the church to which you have been called and that people will have seen Christ because they have seen Him in you. You are loved and missed.

  6. Love this letter Mike! You make the Chapmans hearts swell with new fervor to serve the Lord! Blessings! Michele

  7. We love you and your family, too, Mike! We are so glad you are our pastor, and are so thankful for what God is doing at Trinity and the community through your ministry! And thanks for your love that shines through your letter. You and your family are special!
    Jim and Martha

    1. You all are such a blessing! I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement. It is a bit intimidating having such ministry powerhouse couple in the church! You all have encouraged, blessed, and inspired me so much. Thank you!

  8. I’m holding you to that 0 after the 2!!!! I love Trinity too and how welcoming the congregation has been to my family and my friends. I guess it’s expected for us…I mean Nathan grew up there. But I hear it over and over from others how welcomed they felt!!! The pursuit of Truth is evident and I love it! The presence of the Holy Spirit and that work in the lives of those at Trinity is sooooooooo tangible. I am excited to be a part of God’s plan within this body!

  9. Mike, George and I are so happy you have found your calling. We miss you at Crossroads tho. Love Tammy and George Akin

  10. Reading your letter this afternoon from Columbus, IN. So glad my parents have you as their pastor. Love it when a pastor is as passionate about pastoring, shepherding, and teaching as you are! Thank you for sharing your heart… Blessings on you for the 20 more 🙂

  11. Trinity friends. My name is David Bondurant and I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Colaw back in Ohio. Mike is my friend. I am proud of that fact. I am very proud of him. The potential of your Pastor is off the charts. The depth of your Pastor is great and he listens to God. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that. Get ready for a great ride as he and the staff lead you as they are led by the holy spirit. I miss you my friend. Hope to see you soon.

  12. The Lord works in marvelous ways and bringing you to us here at Trinity is just one of them. We are thanking God for you and your family. We love you soooooo much! Bruce and Gail Bellen

  13. thanks Mike for you open letter and open heart. God is using you at Trinity and i am thankful. I think you are good ,but God knows your the best. God loves a pure heart and your speech is gracious because. it shows that you are living the words that Jesus said “Let your light shine before men that they may see me” I see Jesus in you. Thanks
    Through your teaching I found that Hebrew 11:1 came alive in me,’faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Also thanks for pointing out Philippians 1:6 ‘Be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. I thank you for your faithfulness it reaches to the sky. Judith Young

  14. As someone who still calls T’dub home even after being gone for 3 yrs, it is awesome to read your letter. There are some salt of the earth folks there and they too were instrumental in helping my family grow in the Lord.

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