Selfie Sample[4]


Selfie: “A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website.” (Urban Dictionary)

How do you see yourself?

A Burden
Used up

We live in a world that teaches us to be obsessed with self.  I get a kick out of Facebook profiles.  Honestly it feels like a storefront window and we are trying to sell ourselves.  We desperately work to make our “product” look amazing to the world.  Who are we really?  What defines our value?  What if there was freedom from the relentless always-changing external social pressure?  Is that even possible?  Self-obsession is exhausting and doesn’t work.  From new medication to new clothes people are on a relentless journey to feel better.  This coming weekend August 18 we start a new series “Selfie”.  We will take an in depth look over the next 6 weeks into God’s Word and not just find a new view of ourselves but freedom.  Invite a friend and join us!

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