A Reason Why Some Christians Are Scared And Angry


Even though she wouldn’t say this, she pragmatically believes that God will wash the color out of people’s skin and magically they will all speak English.”

Awhile back I had an interesting conversation with a lady who is quite angry and bitter about what seems to be… everything!

I think if we all were to sit down with her together, we would easily come to the conclusion that she is a bit of a racist, ageist, and even a music snob.

Not a quality of music snob, but more of a snob about music genre.

It almost felt like she wants to take a slice of human history (the 1950’s) and label it good and everything before or after bad. 

Even her spiritual security isn’t in the trajectory of Biblical truth, but in the package that truth was delivered in while she was in her formative years of life. Her security is in the aesthetics of a church building, the style of music, and the country church congregation that was made up mostly of white families of four or more.  As the country church style slowly fades out, so does this security. At one point I looked at her and said, “What do you think heaven will be like?”

Even though she wouldn’t say this, she pragmatically believes that God will wash the color out of people’s skin and magically they will all speak English.

And yes, Charles Wesley (the great hymn writer) will be the worship leader conducting the heavenly hosts.  I think she believes there is no way an African tribal drum or electric guitar would ever cross the pearly gates.  That’s crazy!  At first I was really frustrated at her Biblical ignorance.  Then I realized she is afraid–afraid because she doesn’t understand the time transcendent truths in the Bible, but only the package that those truths are supposedly delivered in.  Now more than ever we need people who are Biblically literate.

I don’t care how big (or small) a church is, or how many people attend—if a church isn’t teaching the time transcendent truths, it is developing a group of people headed towards fear and confusion when their “style” comes to an end. 

The melting pot of cultures demands deliberate exegesis and hermeneutics!  The truth of God’s word was designed to pierce cultures and people groups, not be bound by them!  The truth of the Bible can be exemplified in the heart of Africa around a campfire, to the inner city of New York in a hip hop church, or to the backwoods of Kentucky on a banjo!  Do you worship the “package” church comes in, or the Truth it is supposed to contain?

5 thoughts on “A Reason Why Some Christians Are Scared And Angry

  1. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18 Jesus’ last commandment is for us to love one another as He loves, and that’s how the world will know that we are His disciples. This is the bottom line responsibility Church. Is this what the Church is conveying? Maybe this woman is afraid because she is not sensing the love of Jesus in this “package.”

    1. Agreed, that is a good thought. I don’t know where she has attended church. The way the conversation developed I am inclined to believe she has bounced around some. However, I do think that security doesn’t come from a feeling primarily. It is a result of the stability of where one places faith. A good Church shouldn’t just say “love others” but should also define what that love is and how it is pragmatically played out. To avoid linguistic confusion I think it’s important to clarify. It’s not just love that we believe in, it is Biblical love. Defined by the life and mission of Christ. Good thoughts!

  2. Getting an African tribal drum or electric guitar through the pearly gates is tough enough, but I really doubt we can get one of those big pipe organs in.
    Thanks for confirming why I have never been called to be a Pastor. I probably would not handle such engagements well or properly.

  3. BTW, are you sure she was a ‘Christian’ or was she really a Mormon? Until recent decades, they taught that everyone was turned white and male when they go to heaven.

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