It’s an awful time in history to be a man


It’s an awful time in history to be a man…


History reveals that after an oppressed group has fought for and won their freedom, often the oppressed become the oppressors. 


Awhile back I walked into a mall and there was a young couple fighting, you could tell the girl was really angry at the guy.  She was clearly hitting him as hard as she could.  “Friends” that were standing around were laughing as this young man just took the beating.  No police were called, no one intervened, and no one even seemed to be bothered.  They thought it was funny.


What if we switched genders in this situation? 


What if it was a young man hitting a girl over and over again in a public mall?  How do you think current culture would view that in this good ol’ USA? I get it, men are physically stronger–I know I’m not supposed to say that, it’s not politically correct–yet it’s true most of the time.  Men are usually physically stronger than women.


While it’s good that our Western culture is working to bring equality for men and women, we don’t want to swing the pendulum so far that abuse becomes okay on the other side.  It’s more than just physical though.


Can you imagine a mob of 50-year-old men packing out a Miley Cyrus concert screaming and chanting for her?  That’s creepy!  Yet the situation reversed with middle-aged women packing out a movie theater to watch a young male star in Twilight take off his shirt is okay?  That’s crazy!  This isn’t new, one group who truly has been marginalized turning around and marginalizing another.


Ah, human history yet again…


How about one more… Running from the religious oppression of Europe, our forefathers came to the United States of America.  As they settled into colonies their passion to express their version of religion shifted. There linger stories of new colonists interrogating others running from oppression across the sea only to find it here too. I can’t shake some of the stories we read in graduate school.  There are stories of people spending months crossing the ocean only to find a noose at the end of the docks in America because they didn’t believe the “correct” version of Christianity.  It’s important to note this wasn’t true of all the colonists.  Many were good people!  Many did show love and mercy, including to the Native Americans, but not all were like this.  Some were tired of religious oppression but were quick to offer it when they were in power.


Very few seem to actually get this right… the pursuit of true equality.   


As the gender, race, and religious power struggle continues the swing of power will inevitably usher in new oppression.


What’s that old saying?  “Ultimate power ultimately corrupts.”

Jesus is different.  He calls man to take power and lay it at the feet of Christ.  Christian love isn’t about demanding control, it’s about submitting everything, even our own value system to Jesus.  We don’t swing absolute power from one group to another… We all humbly submit to Jesus.  This doesn’t mean there are no more leaders, bosses, or social structure.  It does mean all roles submit to the ways of Christ.

I am an egalitarian.  I fully believe we are equal in value before God!  Men, women, black, white, poor, rich…all are equal in value before God!  That said, the Christian social justice bandwagon can become an ever swinging pendulum of oppression if we forget Jesus is the true ideal.  Let’s not allow history to repeat itself.  Let’s not trade one oppression for another.   Let’s trade our pursuit of power for a passion to be like Jesus.


Please take some time and read through Ephesians 5.

There is so much more to this!  Take some time and check out the sermon below.

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