Our mixed up view of the favor of God.


Our mixed up view of the favor of God. 

Several weeks ago our guest speaker Dr. Carl Shepherd made a profound statement:

“Most people are unhappy with their getting, and satisfied with their giving.”

We are obsessed with what we receive and offer little attention or strategy to what we give away. People are constantly praying that God will give them more instead of praying that He will help them give more away.

I think we have mixed up the way we measure the favor of God. We measure it by how much we get. 

This isn’t always a bad thing. God wants to give good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:11). However, there is another piece to this puzzle. We are to also be a massive blessing to others with our time, talent, and treasure. In fact, we could be living a disobedient life all while God is allowing us to have incredible amounts of time, talent, or treasure (James 4:17).

We need to be discontent with our giving and more content with our getting. 

The goal of this life is not to acquire as much stuff for ourselves as we can with our time, talent, or treasure.  Biblical stewardship is making Jesus and His ways as famous as possible with these resources.

This is a huge problem in our world. Most people use their time, talent, and treasure to make themselves as famous as they can. I don’t care what popular culture says, this isn’t just selfish, it may actually be sin. (Luke 12:48, James 4:17, James 1:27)

Your goal in life should be to make Jesus as famous as possible with your time, talent, and treasure! 

Our prayer for more time, talent, or treasure ought to be like this, “Oh God, increase my capacity to give.”

My prayer for you as a counter-cultural pastor is this. (This is a dangerous prayer, people don’t like it!  Especially Christians who aren’t really Christian.)

God please don’t waste your gifts of time, talent, and treasure on those who hoard for their own self-pleasure.  I pray that you would bless beyond measure the talent, time, and treasure of those who desperately want to give to glorify you!

That is truly counter-cultural.

So what will you do with the limited time God has given you?

What will you do with the material resources God has allowed you steward for your short, finite life?

What will you do with the talent God has given you?

Please listen closely!  With no strategy in these areas something awful will happen.  The loudest cultural voices will steal your greatest asset and it isn’t your time, talent, or treasure.  It’s your heart. 

Please take a few moments and check this sermon out!

The discipleship information the end of the video is referencing can be found here: Catechumen

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