You will miss out on the good life.


People who think a marriage will complete them are often the ones who aren’t married. 

People who think money will complete them are the ones convinced they don’t have enough. 

People who feel like having kids will make their life complete are often the ones who don’t have them.

I really do think some people live believing a million dollar bank account will wash away all their discontent or that the moment they say their wedding vows all loneliness will melt away.

Don’t hear me wrong.

A little money can be nice and marriage can be very rewarding.

That said, we are surrounded by celebrities who have a lot of money, their pick of people who would love to be with them, and still they have very broken, discontent lives.  As a pastor I interact with married people, wealthy people, popular people, CEO’s, lawyers, and doctors.  None of them have ever told me any of these things fully completed them.  Here is a little secret – none of these things will complete you, and if you walk into a marriage, job, or even parenting expecting it will make you whole, you put a personal emotional burden on that thing or person that they (or it) can’t bear.  You will be let down.  People who come into my office exploring faith usually fall into one of two categories: those that have a terrible life, from a material perspective, searching for help, and those that have everything but are still empty.  You read that right.  Brilliant lawyers, doctors, and even professors who still feel a deep void.

If you are lucky enough to acquire what you thought would make your life good the tragedy is it ends up not giving you what you though it would.

The Apostle Paul makes a bold statement at the end of his letter in the Bible called Philippians.  He says that there is a peace that surpasses all understanding.  He even tells us how to get it.  It’s basically this – trust Jesus.

How is this possible?

If you really believe that Jesus is the ultimate satisfaction and heaven is where we become truly whole, the fear of missing out on things like a perfect job opportunity, marriage, kids, or even sex begins to lose its power.  The fear looses its power.  As trust grows so does peace.

Paul says only Jesus, the hope of eternity, can carry the weight of your satisfaction.  When you realize none of your life long goals truly satisfy it’s either the beginning of something deeply wonderful or terrifying.  If you are at the end of yourself, I challenge you to explore a metaphysical answer. Maybe Paul is right.

The Bible does offer some activities we can pursue that are deeply fulfilling!

Check out the video for more.

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