My dad is a REAL man!

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Proverbs 1:8-9
Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.

Dad, today you turn 60.

I stepped outside on this warm spring Indiana afternoon reminiscing over the years with you.

I remember hunting with you and grandpa as a child confidently toting my wrist rocket slingshot as a formidable firearm.
I remember building huge snow forts when we lived in South Dakota.
I remember riding motorcycles on old gravel roads. The broken bones and stitches just bonded us all together, even tighter.
I remember you writing a note, on a box of cigars of mine, saying “talk to me when you find this.”
I remember your joy when you found out I was going to marry Leslie.  We all knew I’d won the lottery on that one.
I remember you holding my kids when they were born.

I love how close we became when we went through graduate school together.  You are one of the busiest men I know and yet you decided to get another degree to be with me.
I love how I know I can call you anytime day or night. You are a person that everyone wants to spend time with and yet you always make time for me.

I treasure all the countless conversations we have had about purpose, leadership and God-centered, intentional living.

You fearlessly take on the world and humbly submit to the Word of God. You have been an incredible example of courage and care. You are not afraid to show your feelings and pour out your heart, yet you are equally strong and driven by deep convictions.

You are an incredible example.
You are what this world needs more of.
You are a real man.

Honestly though, it’s not your wisdom, courage, leadership, influence or monetary gifts that impressed me most.
It’s your faithfulness.  You loved mom. You loved us kids. You loved Jesus. Faithfully…

Yeah, it’s true. I want to be like you! But it’s not your strength, influence, or leadership I want most. I want to be a man’s man, a real man, a faithful man, God’s man.   Just like my dad.

Happy Birthday.  I love you dad.

2 thoughts on “My dad is a REAL man!

  1. Such a great tribute to your dad as well as to your own self. Appreciate that you are a family man, love God and serve the church keeping it Biblically based.

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