11 Strategic Conversations Every Couple Should Have


What should I be looking for in a relationship?

How can I know if this is going in a healthy direction?

How do I know if I am ready for this relationship to move forward?

Is there any way to know if this person is marriage material?

These are all great questions that I am asked often as a pastor. I’ve spent the last few years acquiring some great resources from incredible psychologists, counselors, and theologians.

The problem is no one will take the time to read those thousands of pages of great information. The last thing people want when they ask me a relationship question is for me to assign them eight books that look like PhD dissertations.

The information is outstanding, but no one wants to take the time to read it. So I formulated 11 conversations that every couple should have based off of some of the best marriage and relationship resources available today. I also had conversations with dozens of couples and a few professional counselors who specialize in premarital counseling. These conversations will absolutely give you profound insight into each other. This will also paint a clear picture of what marriage should be, the kind of marriage that can make it!

This short book is based off of the works of great authors like Dr. John Piper, Dr. Timothy Keller, and Dr. Gary Chapman, along with interviews of newlyweds, those in long term marriages, and single adults.  For less than a $1.00 a date you may tackle some of the biggest question that are on your heart.  From money to sex don’t enter into a relationship blind! 

11 Strategic Conversations Every Couple Should Have is now on sale for a limited time at 5.99!

Click the link below to buy a digital copy.  Amazon Kindle Unlimited readers can have it for free!

11 Conversations

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