My Story | From Darkness Back into the Light

I love stories of redemption! I am proud of you Rachel.

& fully loved

“Dear mom and dad,”

That’s as far as I got when I broke down and cried for hours.  I was ready to just end my life.  I didn’t see that there was actually a reason for living.  I thought my life was being wasted because I wasn’t super popular, or the prettiest, or the smartest, or the best athlete, or even the funniest person.  I thought I had to be the best at something to even matter or make a difference in this world.  I was never anyone’s “best friend.”  I was always just one of their friends, or even just an acquaintance.  To me, it felt as if anyone I had called my best friend had someone better.  I felt like a second choice.  I thought I didn’t matter to anyone.  I felt like a burden to those around me.  I didn’t think that anyone wanted me around.  I…

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