A treatise to the human race

A treatise to the human race.

Whatever side you stand on, be it a religion, human rights, politics, gender, or race, everyone is fighting, vehemently fighting for power and influence to change things. We are all terrified of being mistreated or taken advantage of. I have read through much religious literature, human rights literature, and political literature over the

last few years, and even WITHIN the aforementioned camps there is war. Even those who use Android phones must look with disdain at those who use Apple phones and vice versa.

It’s insane. Humanity is broken.

Some don’t even know what they are fighting for, yet they feel like they must fight. So they join the bandwagon of what has emotionally hit them in the moment without thinking through what a short-lived bandwagon cause might accidently do, i.e. Cecil the lion.

imagesWhat I find most interesting is that almost everyone desperately wants to be made new and wants things to be made right, but no one can seem to agree on what “right” is. Every hate-filled blog or post screams that this is so. Some have so lost hope they play the arrogant cynic. Instead of offering real options they just poke holes at everyone else and their ideas. Honestly, I understand how easy it is to become that. It’s like billions and billions of humans are hungry for something and are desperately trying to satisfy it. To all my liberal arts graduate comrades, we could offer many historical examples of humanity trying to make a “fix” and the attempt ending in the slaughter and oppression of something or someone. As history teaches, when that happens the group that created the cultural “fix” desperately works to justify their actions until so much bloodshed and oppression has happened, humanity can’t turn a blind eye anymore.images-1

I am not picking on one of humanity’s “fixes,” I am picking on ALL of them.
Our awareness that something is very wrong, our desire to fix it, and our inability to do so makes us feel like we are stranded on an island with ever growing hunger pains and nothing to satisfy them, and it’s driving us all mad. We need rescued. Mark my words, humanity is primed to follow a glorious God or the devil himself.


Then, one night I watched something…

I watched my youngest daughter spellbound by the new Cinderella movie. There is a scene where the downtrodden and mistreated country girl is made new by her fairy godmother. The scene is quite captivating. Years of loss, pain, and suffering washed away, but the fairy tail gets even better. She is physically made new with hope, hope of meeting someone who will truly complete her. Someone who will give her a better life, a right life.

That’s the point.

It’s not only that she is made new, but her life is made right.
At 6 years old this longing is baked into my daughter. As hopelessly romantic as this sounds, it is baked into me too.

I so deeply want to be made new.

I so deeply want things to be made right.

Every fairly tale is saying the same story – a heart that knows things aren’t right, longs for a rescuer, and deeply dreams of a happily ever after.

So many stories, all one theme.

The fact that humanity wants this is so deeply mysterious and wonderful to me. Humanity isn’t satisfied with what is and deeply wants what isn’t. We are all longing, hungry to be made new because deep inside we know things aren’t right.

Some, like Cinderella’s stepmother, have so lost hope they desperately try to pretend the hunger no longer exists. When I read hopeless posts and articles that try to play the pseudo-intelligent arrogant cynic, I no longer feel angst but pity. Deep pity.

I don’t run from that hunger, I acknowledge it and dream to be rescued.

To my friends who believe in nothing metaphysical and think I am wrong, let me say, it is a glorious way to live, with much hope. I choose to pursue this because the alternative is dark, cold, and empty, objectively so as entropy runs us all down.

So I choose hope. Not in sex (of any type), a political party, money, or human power, in something mysteriously, metaphysically beautiful. I acknowledge along with billions and billions of others that there is a hunger this world can not satisfy. Call me a fool or hopeless romantic, but the hunger can only mean one thing. Something in us is made from another world and we are hungry for what it has.

This is why I am evermore enamored by the person of Jesus. Not the manmade institutions around him, but the person of Jesus himself. He came alien, a rescuer, offering something that satisfied a longing in the human race in a profound way.


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