Kids Discipleship Resources

Discipling kids isn’t easy! Thanks to busy lives, constantly changing children, and the added challenge of children at very different stages of maturity if you’re like us, discipling them can feel nearly impossible. You are not alone in facing this complexity.  Here are three quick videos sharing our weekly routine for discipling our four kids (ages 2-Highschool) as well as the books and resources we are currently using.

Here’s the list of books we like mentioned in the final video and where to find them!  Ages are just a recommendation, give or take a year or two depending on the kid.

  • The Jesus Storybook Bible for ages 4-8:  This is a great devotional for kids, even adults can get something out of this!  The illustrations are wonderful and each story points to Jesus.
  • The Adventure Bible for ages 9-12:  A great first “real Bible” for kids.  Includes illustrations and extras to help kids understand the stories better.
  • The Action Bible for ages 9-12:  This is more of a comic book style.  Our son LOVED this Bible, and we love it too.  He asked some great questions and got a lot out of the stories.  Engaging for girls or boys!
  • ESV Student Study Bible for ages 12-18:  This is just one option, lots of design covers to choose from.  Great Bible for students, we like ESV version.
  • Passport2Purity is a Christian tool to talk to your kids about sex and purity. You may not want to use the whole program but it works as a good rubric to build a handful of intentional conversations with your preteen. If you don’t talk to your kids about sex and dating they will learn from somewhere else. With sexuality I highly encourage parents to step out of their comfort zone and engage.
  • For any of the Bible reading plans and journals (we have these available with reading plans for ages 1st grade through adult) contact Leslie at

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