Why don’t we see revival and miracles like they do in other countries? An Interview with a foreign church planter.

Why don’t we see revival and miracles like they do in other countries?

Let’s ask a church planter from one of those countries, one who has seen miracles and moves of God most of us only dream of. One who has now lived in the United States nearly two years and believes he can see the difference.

I have the honor of working in a fairly diverse ministry.

Could we do better? Yes, always, but we are moving in a good direction.

One of the benefits of diversity is increased perspective. With every conversation the world gets a little smaller as my understanding of Christianity around the word grows bigger. There are some amazing moves of God happening, especially in countries that are closed to Christianity.

One of the big questions I have had bouncing around in my head over the last few years is simply this. “Why not revival and miracles in America?”*

Well one benefit of a diverse ministry and staff is I can ask people who have experienced true miracles firsthand, as well as revival and church planting around the world. Our conversation was so good and personally challenging I decided to record it.

I’ll sum it up, but you absolutely should watch the 5 minute clip I pulled out of the interview below.

Deep within our noble and right value of freedom the enemy has placed the dangerous “Trojan Horse” of individualism and superiority.

We are all now an army of Martin Luthers all constantly proclaiming our own version of the “95 theses” against the church and other Christians, thus creating an ethos of constant rebellion, or if you are the one fired up, constant purification. It’s not that you (or I) are always wrong, but the cowboy, draw a line in the sand, put your dukes up way we approach our differences just might be. Every discovered imperfection is now an insurmountable barrier to unity.

Even church leaders are guilty of this.

Many new ministries and churches planted are not really passionate moves of God, they are rebellious actions against something disliked or someone really wanting to be known and famous. They are really doing something new because they want to stand out. What if God knew motive? What if God actually blessed motive? Let me say that again. God knows motive. Real revival (not manufactured or marketed exaggeration) comes to actual humility before God and love for His people. I confess! I am guilty of this at times. My relationships with our global pastors is helping save my soul.

This amazing underground church planter who has seen revival, healings and moves of God says the answer is… you won’t like it…. I didn’t either… submission. A heart of unity and charitable love is desperately needed in the church.

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” -Jesus (John 13:35 KJV)

*There have been research projects supporting these claims made by missionaries. One of the best summaries of them is Lee Strobel’s book The Case for Miracles.

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