To those facing hard situations. Don’t quit. We want to help.

Some of you are hurting because of poor decisions you have made.

Some of you are hurting because of decisions made by others.

Some of you are hurting because the natural world is wrought with sin and death.

In the last few months, we have watched families devastated because of the Coronavirus. Some by the economic impact, others by the disease itself, and still more because of the emotional strain of the lockdown. I personally know families that can’t pay bills because no money is coming in. I know others who have lost multiple loved ones to the disease. I know families that are filing for divorce because they can’t take it anymore. I even know of some students that are really struggling after months of being locked at home staring at a computer screen for school.

As a pastor, I get a front row seat to the pain people feel.

History is full of examples of deep suffering. You can read about Dr. Viktor Frankl in the concentration camps during World War 2, watching his friends die and personally experiencing torture himself. You can read the famous author C.S. Lewis write about the front-line brutality of World War 1. William Wilberforce, Richard Wurmbrand, and even John Foxe have written about unbelievable suffering. The Bible itself is full of pain. The famous story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den is a story that begins with deep suffering.

Daniel watched his nation turn from Godly principles.

Daniel watched his nation crumble.

Daniel most likely watched his family killed during a foreign invasion.

Daniel was abducted and enslaved.

Daniel had his identity stripped from him.

Daniel was sentenced to die in a den of hungry lions.

Daniel didn’t know the end of his story, and what he had experienced most likely led him to believe he would die by their claws and teeth.

All these stories have something else in common, something your story has as well. They aren’t finished. Yes, the enemy is working to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) but God is gloriously good, and immeasurably loves you. Like the rest of the verse in John, we look not at the enemy or our current circumstances to determine our future outcome. We look to the nature of our Father.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. -John 10:10

The very places where it feels like Satan is dancing on your failures, faults, and struggles, God can turn those hardships into the greatest crescendo of victory in your life. Don’t measure your future state by the enemy or your current set of circumstances. Measure it by the nature of your Father. Your story isn’t done.

If you are really struggling, please reach out to us. Seriously, right now. Text this number and we will call you back. We would like to hear your story and pray with you: 231.215.9013

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Mike & Leslie Colaw

Husband, father, pastor. I work here Wrestle through ideas here I don't have all the answers, but I love the journey searching for them!

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