If The Unborn Could March

With a soft coo and gentle kick my delicate infant smiles at me.
It’s humbling to think all she needs comes from my charity.
She cannot clean herself, change her clothes or even prepare a meal.
For her needs to be met and heart content she’s fully dependent on how I feel.

By God’s design at our first breath we find our greatest strength.
It’s not in our wealth or might of hand but a heart of interdependence we take.
Independence with selfish pride works to subjugate.
And if a life makes them feel threatened they may even terminate.

It’s always been this way. Notice what they say.

It’s humane, they feel little pain and it helps our research grow.
Said Nazi Germany to the Jews as the gas chambers glow.

The baby lives in my body so it’s my choice.
The land owner says they live on my land, I represent them, they have no voice.

It’s education and intelligence that determines tissue’s worth.
Slaves aren’t educated or intelligent, it’s the purpose of their birth.

If we let them live think of the societal cost.
If we let them free think of the profits lost.

Let me pause and ask some questions as I think about humanity’s direction.

Who is strongest?
Who will last?

We stand strongest not as a me, but we.
It’s a complex selfless group of people that embrace their diversity.
It’s the ones that voice their passion not for themselves but for the weak.
Selfless love must bind us tight not merely protect me.

My strengths covering your weakness, my weakness covered by your strength.
I came into this world incredibly needy and will leave it just the same.
The more complex our charity gets the stronger we could be.

The oldest, the youngest, those born to the poor.
Black, White, First Nation and Asian, we need interdependent love to soar.

How do you practice this? How do you grow? How do you become the ones the world needs to know?

You stand up for their rights.
You sacrifice for their needs.
You stand up for the ones who do not yet have, instead of fighting just for me.

If you only march for what you may lose you don’t understand my call.
The key is selfless charity that makes us powerful.

Even if you feel the victim, model speaking up for others.
Mature a countenance in a people of sacrificing for another and another.
It’s a call not only for the babies, it’s a call to provide for the mother.

Who will march for the weakest of these?
Who will grow the charity society needs?

Can you see it? The unborn can’t march. They can’t say, “What about me?”
It’s more than saving a life. It’s saving the heart of humanity.

-An excerpt from Mike’s personal journal.

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Mike & Leslie Colaw

Husband, father, pastor. I work here www.encountertrinity.com. Wrestle through ideas here www.luke117.com. I don't have all the answers, but I love the journey searching for them!

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