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  1. Pastor Mike you spoke Wednesday night about the young people givig up good paying jobs to go to the mission fields, that hit home. I had the pleasure last year to meet a Roman Cathlic priest who was filling in at Holy Name, he told of his life of being a college dean,living the dream nice plush office etc. One of the priests he had known had asked him to go to Ireland to celebrate his 30 years of being a priest.While in Ireland his friend told him of his work in Hadi. He asked him to join him on one of his trips. He went and then discovered that was his calling. He returned and begged the Arch Bishop to let him go..the Arch Bishops reply was”Are you sure” the Arch Bishop told him you have it made here why would you leave all this? After much though the Arch Bishop granted the request. Father Stan says sometimes he does not have enough to eat the his shoes have holes in them eben though he gave up the good life so to speak, he would do it again.

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